Delivery Tuesday to Saturday
Delivery Tuesday to Saturday
Delivery Tuesday to Saturday
Welcome to your Green Butler
Always Fresh
We shorten the supply chain, Bringing you fresh healthy food with convenient home delivery because everyone deserves a butler. Your orders come from the source to your door every week Tuesday to Friday.
Green Butler commits to always offer you healthy products to maintain a strong immune system, securing you a superior quality, longer shelf life on produce and shorter supply chain.
The Green Butler provides door to door delivery of all your dietary needs. Sourcing Fruits, Veges direct from source, along with anything else you need to maintain a healthy immune system. You maintaining a healthy body is our primary priority. Our products provide everything you need to support a solid immune system and sustainable diet.
100% Natural
No processed food here. only ingredients coming directly from the farms to your doorstep. Our Motto = Buy locally, Buy responsibly, Buy Green Butler! We live to serve as your personal butler.
Delivery Policy
Green Butler deliver all orders, Tuesday to Friday. Orders cut off 48 hours prior to delivery day to allow time to source your items. A standard delivery fee of R49 applies anywhere in Gauteng.

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Make it Easy - Fresh Easy Box's Every week we will offer different Packs to ensure there is always FUN IN YOUR KITCHEN
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