Origins of the Green Butler. Why was the Green Butler born?

Origins of the Green Butler. Why was the Green Butler born?

Origins of the Green Butler: Born from the hearts of South Africans, the Green Butler strives to ensure that all people have access to affordable fresh produce with the convenience of home delivery, because everyone deserves a butler to keep them healthy.

We are a group of friends who have been looking for ways to source healthy, sustainable produce at affordable prices while supporting local farmers. This was to grow a new way of living and a healthy lifestyle within our own lives. After finding ways to achieve this and develop healthy yet tasty meal ideas we chose to bring what we have learned and achieved to as many fellow South Africans as possible. Thus, The Green Butler was born.

Our aim is to develop a community in which to share and grow, building a sustainable thinking South Africa for future generations, following the spirit of Ubuntu. We welcome you in our green community, to share what you may with those around you!

We have begun with providing farm fresh produce and as we grow, hope to expand into the collective idea of healthy living in a sharing community platform. Below we have set out our core principles by which we developed our store and select our produce.

Origins of the Green Butler

Our Principles of excellence:

The Green Butler is defined by 6 primary pillars: Sustainability, Safety, Healthy, Convenience, Reliability, Charity.

Sustainability: South Africa is a country with great climate and rich in vegetation, which means for ample local supply of amazing produce. Being able to support local farmers is both sustainable and lowers environmental impacts involved with importing and transport logistics, which we are proud to be able to decrease. This also helps reduce the cost of high-quality produce, making it affordable to more South Africans. Our mission is to supply all lines plastic free but under the current Covid-19 predicaments this is not currently possible as safety of our customers is essential. If you have any ideas on how we may safely change this, please do share your ideas with us!

Safety: We ensure all lines are packed in sterile environments and sealed immediately until you open it at your door. In addition, our drivers follow a no contact protocol to ensure all deliveries are done as safely and efficiently as possible. Shopping online will also provide a new way to combat our invisible safety concerns. Read more on this process on our website.

Healthy: Everything you will find in our range is checked to ensure it meets the Green Butler standards of excellence before anything is included into your boxes.

Reliability: Green Butler stands 100% behind the quality of all products that we offer to you. If there is anything you receive that is not completely in line with those standards, please let us know and request a refund. We strive on excellent customer service as a sense of community with our clients is essential to us.

Convenience: We offer all your fresh produce requirements for individual selection, in addition our “Fresh Easy Box’s”. Each fresh easy box offers a quick add to cart solution bringing all your primary dietary needs to your door in a few easy clicks. To top it all off not only do we save you time, we save you money by including an additional 10 % discount on the basket. Not having to buy these items at a grocery store ensures the convenience of online purchasing and delivery. The current pandemic has taught us that a new way of living and change is inevitable for our safety and those around us.

Charity: As we strive to supply the population, we are cognisant that not every person has the means to feed their families. Therefore, the Green Butler has pledged to donate a portion of proceeds from every purchase to charities working directly with families in need. For every R 200 that Green Butler donates we can feed a family for a week. Help us reach our goal of feeding 1000 families this winter. In partnership with you and our NGO Partners we look forward to accomplishing this goal and hopefully surpass it.

Learn more about our range and what we can offer you through navigating from our home page. Dont forget to take a look at our current specials to take advantage of some crazy deals.