TAG A Non-Profit Organisation

TAG A Non-Profit Organisation

TAG A Non-Profit Organization:

Service in motion

Green Butler proudly supports the TAG Initiate that aims to build a stronger and safer community!

They have two main programs Restorative Justice & a After School Program:

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The Green Butler strives to bring good quality healthy food to ALL SOUTH AFRICANS. Our partnership with TAG is one extra strep in our long journey to realising this goal. Help us support this worthy initiative.

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Our organization TAG runs an After School Programme (now closed due to Covid-19) our needs are stationary, volunteers to help kids with reading & homework.

SIM ( Service in Motion): is the organization that does feeding in our community. So all the fresh produce Green Butler donates goes directly to them.


Service in motion: Service in any form to community or individuals. Support and encouragement with social issues and community needs. Providing a warm meal in our NEWRSTCOBORN area. Encouragement through PRAYER and counsel.

History of Service in Motion

In July 2013 when the word was spoken to share the blessing on a boat trip in the Andaman Sea near Phi Phi Island Thailand, it was officially actioned on the 1 August 2013.

SIM ideals stem from the passion to serve and address essential needs of vulnerable, deprived and impoverished communities. The project was kick-started on a small scale in the Zamapilo Squatter Camp, Westbury, Newclare, Claremont, Kathrada Park and Sophiatown areas, but has since grown in stature and commitment.

The incessant calls for assistance and support compelled this community outreach endeavour to spread its wings, widen its scope, and expand to outlying areas which includes Riverlea Extention 1 and Noordgesig.  Despite the daunting challenges, SIM remains steadfast in its quest to embark on ambitious undertakings to serve, empower and create opportunities for growth through a variety of programs.

We plan and implement numerous feeding schemes throughout the year to accommodate the poor and needy, we regularly visit homes for the aged, villages for the aged and an orphanage, where we feed and entertain residents.


SIM also engages in educational projects, where services of educators and facilitators are sourced to assist learners with the improvement of basic reading skills and to assist matriculants in need of support.