Quiet Diet Program

Your Health Butlers Guide


This 8-week program is packed with information, tips, and resources.

Here we give you some advice about moving through the content in each week. It’s laid out in an easy-to-digest way but having a go-to guide doesn’t hurt.


The Legs

It is very important to set yourself up for a healthy week by making the most of Sundays, your weekly box will be delivered every Friday, we suggest settling in with a cup of tea to read Leg 1, and really taking the time to absorb all the specialist tips and advice. If there are actions to take, make a start on these.

First prize would be to read all the legs in the first half of the week, so that you can spend the rest of the week taking the advice and tips on board and making changes. That said, we are realistic. Sometimes, life gets in the way, so do what you can, when you can. But please carve out some time to do it – that’s when you get results.

This program is an investment in you and your health – and there’s NOTHING more important than that!

Some people print out the pillars and scribble on them; others read everything on screen. It’s up to you. 


The program asks you to assess and change aspects of your lifestyle each week – this may involve exercise, morning rituals, and cleansing. To help you to implement those changes There is a downloadable lifestyle planner unique to each week. It also contains a summary of the more important tips from the week, so it’s a great refresher.

Print it out and fill it out as you go.


Weekly Extra's

This is your bible throughout the program.

A comprehensive guide to clean eating. It teaches you about the foods you should be eating and the food you should be avoiding, and why. It also includes information about portion sizes and how to eat in a way that is sustainable. (healthy eating isn’t a fad! – The Quiet Diet is a lifestyle). Please print this out and read it during Prep Week.


There’s also a Menu Planner at the end of the Meal Plan, which you can use to plan out your meals for the week.


Developed in partnership with health professionals – Our pride and joy!

one and whip it up using the recipe provided. (Remember every Friday you will receive all the ingredients for the week ahead).

The Meal Plan stays the same throughout

There’s also a Menu Planner at the end of the Meal Plan, which you can use to plan out your meals for the week. Use this!

If you like structure, you may prefer the Weekly Menu.

It’s a two-week sample menu that details exactly what to eat. So rather than getting 4-6 options, you get one – no thinking necessary! This also stays the same throughout the 8 weeks, to not only make things simple for you, but to also help you to become familiar with healthy wholefood eating.

We alternate between 2 weekly menus throughout the 8 week program, essentially supplying 21 Meals and 14 snack portions. You can choose to follow our day to day schedule or alternate the days. It is up to you.


Completely natural, especially when you’re trying to change your eating habits and lifestyle patterns. Please don’t be scared off – the Green Butler team and community is here supporting you all the way, so hop onto WhatsApp with your personal butler if you have questions.

In the meantime, begin with the basics. Print out the following documents, and set aside some time to read them. They are the most important, and I’ve tried to write them in a clear, easy-to-follow way.

  • Meal Plan
  • Quite Diet Eating Guide
  • Eating Plan
  • Movement Tips
  • Weekly Vitamins

Once you’ve read these, action them! Select your supplements and add them to a new cart ( Note you have a free extra delivery included for this purpose). Next is jot down the types of exercise you’re aiming to do this week. And if you’re new to or nervous about exercise, it can be as simple as walking or going to a yoga class. There’s no pressure.

Remember, the best thing you can do is start. Everything else will fall into place, and the support is there if you need it.


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