Truefoods Turmeric 200g

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Truefoods Turmeric 200g

Truefoods Turmeric 200g
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Truefoods Turmeric 200g - Turmeric is one of the Superfoods of the moment. No longer just an ingredient in...

Truefoods Turmeric 200g - Turmeric is one of the Superfoods of the moment. No longer just an ingredient in your favourite curry, this yellow powder is an exceptionally beneficial spice for health and well-bring. The Truefood Tumeric Powder is Non-GMO bringing you all the healing and hearty powers without any nasties.

  • Turmeric is effective as an alternative to pharmaceuticals both ingested to treat issues internally or placed topically as an external treatment 
  • High in curcumin a powerful antioxidant with renowned anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for treating a range of ailments
  • Rich in Iron and B6, components of hemoglobin that carry oxygen from our blood to our lungs
  • High in Manganese crucial for a range of functions within the body including blood sugar regulation and calcium absorption
  • Rich in potassium crucial for healthy heart functioning while also playing a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction
  • High in vitamin C that aids with immunity along with the development, growth and repair of body tissues
  • Conditions that Turmeric has been used to treat include: depression, alzheimer's, arthritis, heartburn, stomach ulcers, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, cystic fibrosis, fatigue and viral infections
  • As a topical treatment, Turmeric has been used to treat: bruises, sprains and swelling and also fungal infections like ringworm
  • Product of India, Packaged in South Africa
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