Fresh Easy Box

Sometimes we have all the time in the world, and other times we dont. The purpose of these options is to make your life easier. Various pre-designed boxes compiled of all the staple items that any household needs.

Take a look and add to cart with ease, then if you feel there are any items missing feel free to easily add these too before proceeding to checkout.

Not only do we take the hassle out of it for you, But give a discount too.

Happy Shopping...

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Singles Fruit & Veg - Fresh Easy for U - is 100% wholesome goodness, it contains an assortment of 11 different veggies & fruits. This...
Regular price R 199.99 R 230.00
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Singles Fruit - Fresh Easy box for U - is 100% wholesome goodness, Filled with 7 varieties of fresh fruit with added mint for good luck, our...
Regular price R 199.99 R 220.00
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Singles Veg Box - Fresh Easy Box for U - 100% Veggie! 200% healthy! A variety of no fewer than 10 fresh vegetables of the highest...
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