Subscriptions - How It Works

To simplify our store and make your lives easier we have introduced 2 easy to follow subscriptions options outlined below.

Feel free to email us on the form bellow or contact on WhatsApp Messenger with any further questions.

OPTION 1: You can shop ad-hoc then request recurring reminders to confirm follow up orders on time. your order is pre-populated in your cart ready to checkout. 

Step 1:  Choose between ordering Ad-hoc or with a recurring weekly reminder. This allows you to pay per order...

Step 2: Select a Community Plan

  A) Discovery = R59 delivery per order = ad-hoc 

  B) Patron Plan = R95 per Month = 2 Free Deliveries + Free Berries on order (Value > R145= 35% Off)

 C) Foodie Unlimited Plan = R165 per Month = Unlimited Free Delivery + Essentials Deal (Value > R340 = 50% Off)

OPTION 2: We fully automate your required plan for healthy food, with a no commitment (cancel anytime) solutions.

Read more below. Note: All Automated Subscriptions include Free Delivery on recurring orders.

Step 1. Choose the number of deliveries per month you would like for each order. ( Every 4 per month, 2 per month, or once a month) 

Note: you can have more than 1 subscription running but please only checkout with 1 in your cart at a time. ( this is a limitation we are working on with Payfast)

You can also add ad-hoc items to your cart along with the subscription, if you would like these items to repeat on each order then please speak with your personal butler.

Step 2. Checkout and enjoy a Hassle free Healthy living lifestyle.

Note: All subscriptions are billed monthly for now. What this means is that a debit will run on the same day each month in line with the date you started the subscription. ( For 1,2 or 4 orders)

Note: We love to serve and look forward to improving the usability of this service in future. Please send through your feedback so we can do so in accordance with your needs.