Classic Braai- Fresh Easy Box ( Produce Only)

R 349.99

Classic Braai- Fresh Easy Box: The Braai is an integral part of South African Culture and the ultimate braai is never complete without all of the extra's one could ask for.
Get ready for your next braai with the ultimate Selection of farm fresh lines and snacks complete a plate and overall experience.
This Fresh Easy Box includes all the fresh veg needed to compile a lekker salad, braai veg, the perfect drink along with a few twists and other braai requirements.
Braai Veg and Herbs

  • Sweetcorn 4’s
  • Baby marrow 350 g
  • Coriander 30g
  • parsley 30g
  • Brown Mushrooms


  • Spring Onions 100g
  • Butter lettuce
  • Rosa Tomatoes
  • Basil 30g
  • Avocadoes 1kg


  • Pineapple Single
  • Lemons 1kg
  • English Cucumber


  • Nuts 100g
  • Baby Cucumber

Kindly note that for all grocery items, in the event of low supply we will automatically substitute items.

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