Cured Olives 500 ml

R 79.99 R 90.00

Cured Olives in Oil.

These beautiful Mission olives are offered in 3 flavours –

Original, which is flavored by certain herbs and spices, of which the most noticeable is probably lemon/lime, which will depend on what I had available when bottling the finished product;

Rosemary, which contains the same herbs and spices as the Original with the addition of fresh Rosemary;

Slightly Chilli, where the Rosemary is replaced by fresh Chilli.  The flavour differences are more strongly tasted in the oil used for bottling, and which is perfect for cooking, bread-dipping or mayonnaise once the olives have been consumed to the extent that there is surplus oil available in the jar. 

All ingredients used are strictly South African, and the completely artisanal approach used leads to a perfect taste sensation and a quality product exclusive to Mm…martyns Homemade Products.

One of our secrets is that as soon as they are received from the farm each olive is slashed 3 times along its length down to the pit thus improving the removal of the oleuropein. This gives  the raw olive its bitter taste, and increasing the flavour-absorption into the final product.  It also makes the olive shed from the pit in the mouth very easily.  I must admit that not every person considers these aspects of our olives as entirely favourable, but my large band of buyers convinces me that we are doing it right for the local market.

Once bottled the olives are allowed to mature for several months before being released to the market.  I still have some 2019 product available (largely due to the COVID-19 closure of markets), and plenty of the 2020 product due for release.