Earth & Co Soya Milk - 1L - Box item

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Earth & Co. Rice Drink is a dairy-free plant-based milk alternative that’s so tasty and versatile you’ll be able to replace milk in just about any situation, from tea and coffee to pancakes and cereal. Good news for vegans, vegetarians and even flexitarians! It’s refreshing taste is light and delicious with a hint of vanilla and its GMO-free. It’s been fortified with important nutrients for vegans, vitamin B12 and calcium and a cup contains 24% of your recommended daily calcium intake and 42% of your recommended daily vitamin B12 needs. This plant-based natural rice milk is kinder to the environment and our animal friends, so what’s not to love.

There is no limit to what Earth & Co unsweetened Soya milk can be used for since its delicious used straight from the carton (in tea, coffee or cereals) or straight into a cooking pan (for sauces, cakes, pancakes or just about any dish you car to think of). Best served chilled and may be heated.

- Dairy free
- Low fat
- Cholesterol free
- Nut free
- Free from emulsifiers and stabilisers
- Suitable for vegans
- Free from preservatives, colourants and flavourings
- No sugar added
- Source of calcium

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