Juice4Joy Orange Optimist Juice 300ml

R 53.00

Juice4Joy Orange Optimist Juice 300ml

Bright and Yellow Our Juice 4 Joy “Orange Optimist”.

This is a Vitamin C Boost of Note!

Green Tea
Cayenne pepper

All the RIGHT greens in this Juice, and then completed with Orange, and organic when we can get. This juice lends itself to a tot of gin or vodka on crushed ice.

All our Juices and Soups are made from Local Organic Farmers Produce, and the availability changes due to demand and crop harvest. We also move with the seasons, so sometimes this product is out of stock.

It’s all all about “timing”, so we gently move with the timing.

This product is fairly new to the range, as is the Liver Lover, no doubt there will be on going additions to our range and this then offers variation for people looking for “variation”.

            The story about How Juice4Joy & Soup4Soul were birthed…

             Lynda started her journey as a Sports and functional deep tissue massage therapist at a mature age, within no time she was fully booked and still today has clients that she has been supporting for 16 years. She went on to study Life Coaching and Life Coach Lynda was born. Lynda has enjoyed complementing her body work clients with mental, emotional and spiritual support alongside her full body therapy. Noticing that with all that significant support, Lynda’s clients were still lacking “Whole Body Health and Vitality inside and out”

            Lynda started to “self-study” nutrition particularly plant based (vegan) and started to experiment with making Juices, in a very unique way, high veg content 80% and then using strategic herbs spices and teas to support gut and organ function and health. Juice4Joy was born. Initially specifically produced for her “Whole Body Wealth” clients, the news soon got out and Juice4Joy found itself on the shelves of very selects outlets. We built our website and created our stunning online store and we grew from strength to strength.

             Then came Soup4Soul. Using a similar very unique method of preparation, we created a significant range of incredibly healthy vegan soups. The soups are not “Just” soups they are able to be pasta sauces, steak sauces, etc. We encourage our clients to freshly prepare animal protein if required and desired and add it to any of our soups. The same with pasta sauces, freshly prepare whatever you would like to chunk up your “Soup4Soul” and pour it over some freshly made pasta (hopefully you choose gluten free ;))

             We have now celebrated 8 years of both these amazing brands of health food that we produce with loads of love and pride. And know that at the center of all we do “We have your health at heart”. All bottled in glass, which I must add complements the shelf life of all we offer you.

            So – We are not a juice company or a soup company


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