Keto Krate Speciality Box

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Keto Krate Speciality Box: Best way to follow the Ketogenic Diet...

Looking for an affordable way to get delicious keto friendly food delivered straight to your door?

If so, then a “Keto Krate Speciality box” is the perfect option for you!

We have compiled all your healthy sugar free, carb free goodies all into one east ready to go box.

Mixes Nuts and Avocadoe's – giving you your essential “good” fats that will keep you going throughout the day.

Ginger and Garlic – Useful in getting the digestive juices going. Key ingredients for weight loss and useful when flushing toxins.

Broccoli and Cauliflower – Low in calories and packed full of important vitamins and minerals. Both extremely high in fibre, important nutrients which promote blood sugar control and a healthy heart.

Fresh Spinach – A serious super food essential to any diet. Jam packed with vitamins and well known for its nutritional qualities. There is much lore regarding spinach, most famously as the source of Popeye’s strength.

The above ingredients along with a long list of others outlined below bring you everything you need to stick with the Keto Diet plan.

Mixed Nuts - 500 g / Raw
Garlic clove
Whole Spinach Bunch
Mushroom White
Mushroom Brown
Butter Lettuce Red or Green Loose
Whole Celery min. 200 g
Green Beans
Pepper Green  

Good Luck and see you on the other side.

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