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Nectarines Punnet (white flesh) - Nectarines are stone fruit that are similar in size to apples. They are believed to have origins in China and are called stone fruit because of the seed in the centre of the fruit that is not eaten. Nectarines are rich in many vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds. Nectarines also offer smaller amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and some B vitamins. In addition, they’re packed with antioxidants — beneficial plant compounds that combat oxidative damage and help protect your body against aging and disease. The fresher and riper the fruit, the more antioxidants it contains.

One medium-sized nectarines (5.4 ounces or 150 grams) provide approximately

  • Calories: 58
  • Protein: 1 gram
  • Fat: less than 1 gram
  • Carbs: 14 grams
  • Fiber: 2 grams
  • Vitamin C: 17% of the Daily Dose (DD)
  • Vitamin A: 10% of the DD
  • Potassium: 8% of the DD
  • Niacin: 6% of the DD
  • Vitamin E: 5% of the DD
  • Vitamin K: 5% of the DD
  • Copper: 5% of the DD
  • Manganese: 5% of the DD

The juice from fresh Nectarines demonstrated antioxidant actions in healthy people within 30 minutes of consumption. So, consider having a Nectarine as your afternoon snack, as part of your next cheese board or create a delicious dessert for a cheeky treat.

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