Pasture Raised Eggs (Dozen) - Box Item

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Pasture Raised Eggs (Dozen) - It is important to note that our hens are pasture raised and not free range. In the South African Poultry Associations’ manual, the outdoor area that’s required per bird over its lifetime to qualify as a free-range bird, is 0.5 square meters. Our hens roam over an area of approximately 210 square meters per bird over their lifetime. Thus, our hens are not only raised on pastures, but also in a more humanely way than normal free-range hens. Because we move our hens frequently to a new portion of pasture, it makes it possible to not have to follow any preventative vaccination programs.

Doornspruit farm is based in the Kroonstad area, and consists mainly of grasslands on rich clay soils, where they farm with cattle and laying hens. The name Crown Valley is our wholesale brand, which is derived from the “Kroon” in Kroonstad and the valley-like shape in which the homestead is situated. At Crown Valley, it is our mission to produce wholesome foods. Foods that are dense and produced with honesty and integrity. We take great pride in caring for all our animals in a humanely way. Our staff is the key to our daily activities and without them it would be impossible to build a brand in order to supply great beef and eggs.

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