Seasonal Veg Box for 2 (Subscription)

R 1,195.95 R 1,400.00

Seasonal Veg Box for 2

Subscribe to receive this Sustainable box of Seasonal produce on either a weekly, Biweekly or Monthly basis. Receive every recurring order with Free Delivery. Each week we will edit the composition slightly in accordance with the freshest items available from farms all over Gauteng. If you are allergic to anything or would like to ensure certain items are always included then please leave a note on your checkout.

100% Veggie! 200% healthy! A variety of no fewer than 15 fresh vegetables of the highest quality, all locally sourced, for all you veggie lovers. A bunch of colors on your plate. Time to be creative with soups, salads and cooked meals. Add to cart now and get an additional 10% discount on your purchase.

Mushrooms 250g
Gem Squash 1kg
Brown Onion 1kg
Carrots 1kg
Whole Spinach Bunch
Curley Kale
green peppers 3s
Lettuce head
Medium Potatoes 2kg
English Cucumber
Butternut 1kg
P Sweet Potato 1kg
English tomatoes

Kindly note that for all grocery items, in the event of low supply we will automatically substitute items.

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