Singles Veg Box - Fresh Easy Box for U

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Singles Veg Box - Fresh Easy Box for U - 100% Veggie! 200% healthy! A variety of no fewer than 10 fresh vegetables of the highest quality, all locally sourced, for all you veggie lovers. A bunch of colors on your plate. Time to be creative with soups, salads and cooked meals. This mixed box for 1 is conveniently arranged for you, 3 easy clicks and you are ready rock n roll... When needed we suggest adding an Essentials Deal to basket to include Tomatoes, Carrots, Onions and Tomatoes... Link Below.

Spinach and Kale 300g
Lettuce head
English Cucumber
Baby Marrow 350 g
Robot Peppers
Sweet Potato 1 kg
avocado 1 kg
Parsley 30 g
Tomatoes 1kg
Baby Cucumber 300g
Mushrooms 250 g

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