Super Dads Box

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The Super Dads Box : This recipe is one of our favorites and courtesy of Chef Christo the man. 

Eat in Not Out this Fathers Day- Order anytime before 10pm no the 17th of June for delivery on the Friday 19th. 

Prep Time: 15 Min           Cook Time: 35 Min               Servings: 2 to 3

We are all fans here of healthy food that tastes good.

In my opinion there is no better way to cook that the kind you can turn on, leave and come back to when the timer is up. Here is a super easy recipe you can follow with your dad or any family and it takes little to no prep time.

Main Course: Lazy Lamb Chops (Roasted)

Dessert: Basic Berry Bomb

Included in your box:

  • Strawberries 250g
  • Blueberries 140g
  • Lamb Chops 4’s 450g
  • Thyme 30g
  • Green Beans 350g
  • Baby Potatoes 1kg
  • Carrots 1kg
  • Rosemary 30g

Excluded from Box:

  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper

Main Course

  1. You want to start by pre heating your oven to 220 to 240 Degree’s.
  2. Cut the Carrots into sections of about 1.5 Inch each. Similar size to a Baby potato
  3. Toss the baby potatoes and Carrots into a Roasting dish and Douse then will Olive Oil and a sprinkle of Salt. (Can also add a diced Chili and any additional seasoning here to taste)
  4. Place the Roasting dish in the center of the oven and set the timer for 15 Min.

Time to prep your Lamb Chops.

  1. First things first. It is always best to dry your meat with a paper towel to remove any additional moisture.
  2. Second - lightly coat your chops with a layer of Olive Oil.
  3. In your second Roasting dish place your chops separately on top of sprigs of Rosemary and Thyme.
  4. Sprinkle a light coat of Salt and pepper over the top of your chops.
  5. Top and bottom your green beans.
  6. Once the Veg has been in for 15 Min it’s time to add your chops & Beans. Place the two dishes next to each other in the oven with the chops at the back.
  7. Leave to cook for 15 Minutes.
  8. Check and turn your chops, Toss the potatoes to turn them & add the beans.
  9. Leave to cook for a further 5 to 10 minutes
  10. Remove and check that the potatoes are soft and chops slightly red in center. Leave to rest and then plate and season to taste.


  1. Easy as 1,2,3
  2. Chop your strawberries into quarters, add to bowl along with Blueberries. Sprinkle a little sugar or Xylitol over the top.
  3. Leave them ready to serve once the mails are done.


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