Truefood Brown Lentils 400g - Box Item

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Truefood Brown Lentils are non GMO, Gluten free and highly nutritious, they are a good source of fibre, B vitamins and protein further to being a Low GI (Low glycemic index) food. High in iron and protein lentils are ideal for those who follow vegan and vegetarian diets.

Lentils are legumes that have a rich nutty flavor and are much quicker to cook than any other legumes as they do not require soaking. They are extremely versatile, absorb flavours well and they make an excellent meat extender.

Lentils are;

  • High in manganese that fights free radicals within the body and acts as an anti-oxidant
  • High in fibre that aids in digestion and maintains digestive health
  • High in Iron an important component of hemoglobin that carries oxygen from our blood to our lungs
  • High in copper that increases iron absorption
  • Rich in Calcium and Magnesium that strengthens bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis


Brown lentils

Product of Canada - Packed in South Africa

Certified Kosher

Cooking instructions

Add one cup lentils to a medium sized pot with 3 cups water, bring to boil, cover tightly, reduce heat and simmer until cooked approximately 15- 20 minutes

Truefood makes a simple promise: wholesome, "clean" foods sourced from quality suppliers and offered at fair prices. The range is expanding rapidly, so look out for fresh additions.


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